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S&P Ballpoint pen, Segno Eco Pen series (Pack of 4)

EcoPenBlister (25064)
S&P Ballpoint pen, Segno Eco Pen series (Pack of 4)

FROM NATURE TO NATURE... A new path into a greener world.
Organic material from plants / Plastic free 95% / Eco friendly / Made in Italy.
Manufactured with the special "NatureWorks" material.
Biodegradable & compostable vegetal pen: 12 weeks to become compost.
Biopolymers extracted from plants.

This process is the capacity of an organic material to transform itself into compost. It is a superior degradation level compared to biodegradability. A product is compostable when, in addition to being biodegradable, it dissolves in nature in a certain period of time, at certain conditions and giving origin to new raw materials which can upgrade the soil quality and sustain the vegetables growth, the so called "compost".
The organic material looks like a fertile soil and it is used as a natural fertilizer for its richness of organic substances. The matt lime barrel is made of biopolymers extracted from plants and becomes compost through a process of decomposition in the soil in a very limited time (12 weeks).

Playful colors in a practical blister made of recycled paper.
Retractable pen.
Cap-clip matching the ink color. Available in the 4 colors required for the office use: blue, black, green and red. 1.0 mm medium point smooth writing, 6500 ft writing length.

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Ballpoint pen
Lime green
Organic material from plants
Push mechanism
Oil base ink