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Sleek like our Slimwallet, tightly closed like the Miniwallet, with a completely new look and feel.

Sleek like our Slimwallet, tightly closed like the Miniwallet, with a completely new look and feel.


Secrid Card case, Bandwallet series Black-Ocher

BTP-Black-Ochre (29602)
Secrid Card case, Bandwallet series Black-Ocher

With a band keeping everything tightly in place, the Bandwallet is slim and secure.
The Bandwallet TPU is innovative and durable, inspired by workwear and designed with strong seamless welding. Functionality and aesthetics literally merge in the new Bandwallet TPU. After two years of testing, Secrid found a new durable material that is perfect for our wallets: TPU. It is scratch resistant, water-repellent, retains color and texture. A strong material, yet flexible and soft to the touch.
TPU: A durable alternative to leather.
Water resistant finish.
PVC and solvent free highest quality.
Made in Italy and the Netherlands sheltered workshop.

Long lasting:
High-frequency welded TPU cover that continues to retain its form, feel and color. Compactly closed with a specially engineered elastic.

The patented mechanism allows you to slide out your cards with one simple motion, ready for immediate use. The aluminum protects from bending, breaking and unwanted wireless communication (RFID / NFC security).

4 embossed or 6 flat cards
+ 6 extra cards
Business cards

Go have a look in the "Specifications" section below at the PDF file to see the inside of the card case and its precise dimensions.

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Card case
Black & Ocher
68 mm
103 mm
98 g
2 years


Secrid Coinpocket, Accessories seriesACO-Transparent(29443)

Secrid Coinpocket, Accessories series
Color : Black/Translucent
Material : Polypropylene
Size : 54 mm
Length : 86.5 mm
Weight : 5 g

The coinpocket fits in every Secrid wallet.
The Secrid coinpocket allows you to carry coins in your Secrid wallet while maintaining the modern and minimal design: Store coins and other small items in your wallet.
The coinpocket is our answer to the need of carrying small belongings in your Secrid wallet. Our origami-inspired design maximizes space for coins and other small essentials, while the transparent construction enables easy visibility.
Within our coinpocket you can carry coins and other small items like your ring, key, earrings, and medicine. The number of coins that fit within, depends on the currency of your country and the Secrid wallet you are using.
The smooth rotational movement and transparent cover allow easy access.
The transparent foil makes your belongings visible while the fabric label and smooth rotational movement give you effortless access. The movement mechanism is tested for a minimum of 18.000 cycles.
With a thickness of only 0.3 mm, the Polypropylene film prevents any indentations on the outer skin of the wallet while maintaining its form.
You can clean the coinpocket with lukewarm water (The Polypropylene film used in the Coinpocket is highly resilient and requires no regular maintenance).
Our coinpocket is made in Holland and is 100% recyclable.

Go see in the "Specifications" section below the PDF file to have a closer look at the details of the Secrid coinpocket.

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